Professteel provides an extensive range of flanges are specified to meet your project needs. We can assist with the design and manufacture of any practical size of flanges to suit your requirements
- Swivel Flange: Swivel Ring Flange sets consist of a butt weld swivel hub with a rotatable outer bolt ring which allows for easier alignment of the bolts to the mating flange. Swivel Flanges can save considerable installation time for piped applications.
- Anchor Flange: The most common method of securing an Anchor Flange is to embed it into a concrete thrust block, thereby spreading the pipeline forces throughout a large foundation. However, Anchor Flanges can be secured in other ways as necessary to overcome the axial force in the pipeline.
- Hanger Flange: Hanger flanges are similar in profile to Anchor flanges but are usually bolted to a structure and are used to support the weight of a riser on offshore pipelines.
- Misalignment Flange: Misalignment flanges are widely used as a connector for bolting two misaligned pipelines together. The basic design of the Misalignment flange is a ball and socket arrangement, providing the required angular misalignment & maintaining the parallel flange faces. Used widely in the oil & gas industry, it reduces installation time by allowing engineers to make the connection without lifting and aligning the pipe ends
Flanges are usually designed and manufactured to order. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements
At Professteel, we are dedicated to provide an extensive range of heavy special forgings for your project specifications
- Barred Tees: Barred Tees are manufactured to specific customer project requirements in an extensive range of sizes and materials, fabricated in the highest industry standards.
- Sphere/Pigging Tees: Sphere & Pigging tees are manufactured to specific customer project requirements. Our capacity ranges from 2" to 54", ANSI ratings 150 to 2500 and API, using carbon, stainless, alloy steel materials and exotic materials.
- Lateral Tees: Lateral tees are commonly used around reactor heads and for product mixing & splitting.Lateral tees are available with equal sized line and branch bores.Reduced branch bore configurations are also available.
- Flanged Tees: FlangedTees are often at choke manifold assembly or at standpipe manifold assembly to divert, bypass or distribute the fluid flow. Our Flanged Tees are customised for all sizes and pressure ratings in accordance with API product specification
Y Pieces
Pattern Tees
Our heavy special forgings are specifically designed and manufactured to order. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements
Pipe bendings is a bending technique using heat in order to bend tubes, pipes and sections. The straight pipe or section is placed in the machine bed by guiding it through three coils that match the shape of the profile and by gripping one end of the profile in the bending arm. Pipe bends lets thin walled profiles to be bent in even tighter or larger radii. There is no friction between the profile and the machine; the profile’s surface is unaffected by the bending process.
- Plate
- Beams
- Channels
- Bars Coil
- Sheets
- Hollow Seactions – Round, Rectangular, Square
- Structural Tees
- Hot Finished Hollow Sections
- Cold Formed
- Hollow Sections
- Equal Angles
- Unequal Angles
- Flat Bar
- Square Bar
- Round Bar
- Piles Gratings
ApplicationRolling ConditionsMaterial GradeDimensions
Structural, Tubular Plates, Shipbuilding,

(Yield Strength Up to 65 ksi)
As rolledASTM A36
ASTM A572 Grade 50
API 5L X52
Standard Size Range

Width: 5' to 8'
Length: 40'
Thermo Mechanical Controlled RolledAPI 2W Gr 50TLZ
EN 10225 S355, 420
BS7191 355, 460 EMZ
Standard and Cut Size Range

Width: 2438mm to 4050mm
Length: Up to 12200mm
NormalisedAPI 2H Gr 50TZ
API 2H Gr 60TZ
Standard and Cut Size Range

Width: 2438mm to 4050mm
Length: Up to 12200mm
High Yield Strength
Low Alloy Steel

(Yield Strength Up to 100 ksi)
Quenched and Tempered SteelASTM A514 Gr F
API 5L X100
EN10225 S690
Standard and Cut Size Range

Width: 2438mm to 4050mm
Length: Up to 12200mm
We supply a wide range of pipes and tubes customized to your project needs. At Professteel, our pipes are of high quality, strength and durability. Speak to our Consultant for a quotation today!
Product Specifications
- Seamless
- Electric Resistant Welded
- Electric Fusion Welded
- Spiral Welded
- Submerged Arc Welded
- Tubings
- Studded Pipes / Tubes
- Heat Exchanger Pipes / Tubes
Sizes available
1/8" through to 64" Nominal Bore
Sch 20 to Sch 160/ std to xxs
Flange Facings
- Raised Face, Ring Type Joint
- Large Tongue & Groove
- Small Tongue & Groove
- BS4504 - PN6, 10, 16, 25 & 64
- BS10 - Table D, E, F & HDIN Standards
Product Specifications
- Slip On (B16.5, B16.47, BS3293, AP16A/6B)
- Blind (B16.5, B16.47, BS3293, AP16A/6B)
- Weldneck (B16.5, B16.47, BS3293, AP16A/6B)
- Socket Weld
- Threaded
- Lap Joint
- Orifice
- Spectacle Blind (B16.48)Long Weldneck
- Bleed Ring
- Spacer Ring & Paddle Blind (B16.48)
- Reducing Flange
- DIN Flanges
- JIS Flanges
Sizes available
- 1/8" through to 64" Nominal Bore
- Sch 5s through to Sch XXS and heavier
- 9O Elbow (LR, SR)
- 45˚ Elbow (LR, SR)
- 180˚ Elbow (LR, SR)
- Tees (Straight or Reducing)
- Reducers (Concentric or Eccentric)
- Caps
- Cross Tees
- Laterals (30˚, 45˚)
-Split Tees (Straight or Reducing)
Product Specifications
- 9O Elbow (LR, SR)
- 45˚ Elbow (LR, SR)
- 180˚ Elbow (LR, SR)
- Tees (Straight or Reducing)
- Reducers (Concentric or Eccentric)
- Caps
- Cross Tees
- Laterals (30˚, 45˚)
- Split Tees (Straight or Reducing)
- Barred Tees
Sizes available
- 1/2" through to 36"
Schedule / Thickness
- SCH 10 to SCH XXS
- SCH 10s, 40s, 80s
Materials Grades
- ASME/ASTM A403P 304/304L, 316/316L, 317, 312 & DUPLEX
Product Specifications
- Elbow
- Crosses
- TeeCap
- Coulings
- Bushes
- Swages
- Nipples
- Outlets
Sizes available
- 1/8" through to 4"
Dimensions/Pressure Ratings
- BS3799 and ANSI B16.11
- 3000lb through to 9000lb
- SCH 5s to SCH XXS
Materials Grades
- Stainless Steel A182 F304/L/H, F310H, F316/L/H, F321/H, F347/H, F410, F440, 904L
- Carbon Steel A105
- Low Temperature A350, LF2, LF3
- Alloy Steel A182 F1, F5, F9, F11, F12, F22, F91
- High Yield A694, F42, F52, F60, F65, F70
- Duplex & Super Duplex A182 F51, F44, UNS S32760
- Nickel Alloys 200, 400, 600, 625, 800, 825
- Alloys ALLOY 20, ALLOY C, ALLOY C276, ALLOY B2
- Other Grades Bronze, Brass, Copper, Cupro Nickel, Titanium
- Dimensions All screwed and socketweld products are made and inspected/tested to the relevant standards including ASTM, ASME, DIN, BS, JIS and WERKSTOFFE
- Olet Fittings (also called Branch Connection Fittings or Outlet Fittings) are fittings which provide an outlet from a larger pipe to a smaller one (or one of the same size). The main pipe onto which the branch connection is welded is usually called the Run or Header size.
Types :
- Socket Weld O-let
- Threaded NPT O-let
- Buttweld O-let
- Nipple O-let
- Latrolets
- Elbolets
- Sweepolets
- Insert Weldolets
- Kammprofile-type Gaskets
- Machined/Corrugated Gaskets
- PTFE Gaskets
- Ring Joint Gasktets
- Spiral Wound Gaskets
- Metallic & Semi-Metallic Gasktes
- Compressed Fibre Jointings
- Cork-Elastomer Jointings
- Elastomeric Gaskets/Jointings
- Expanded Graphite Jointings
- KAMOS Gaskets
- Skillets Gasket
- Strainer
- Flame Arrestor
- Drip Legs
- Vent Tips
- Monolithic isolation joints provide electrical isolation between segments of linepipe. As the name implies, a monolithic isolation joint appears as a solid block. It can seem a simple piece of equipment because it has no moving parts and is supplied fully assembled and ready to weld into the pipeline.
Flexible bellows, also known as expansion joints, are flexible elements that absorb movements in the pipe system. The flexible bellows can be designed to absorb one of these movements or to absorb more of these movements in combination
Coatings :
- Flourobarbon (PTFE) Coated Bolts & Nuts
- Polyolefin Coated U-Bolts
- Creamic/Metallic Base Coated
- Zinc Nickel Coating
- Maxbolt Load Indicating Fastener
Nuts :
- Nylon Lock Nut
- Long Nut
- Hex Nut
- Hex Jam Nut
- Flange Nut
- Hex Bolt
- Domed Cap Nut
- Pal Nut
- Wing Nut
Bolts :
- Carriage Bolt
- Eye Bolt And Nut
- Eye Bolt
- F10T Bolt
- Fish Bolt
- Hex Bolt
- Wing Bolt
- U Bolt
Screws :
- Self Tapping & Drilling Screw
- Allen Set Screw
- Allen Cap Screw
- Button Cap Screw
Others :
- Drop In Anchor
- Full Threaded Rod
- Set Screw
- Sleeve Anchor
- Spring Pin
- Hex Bolt
- Taper Pin
- Wedge Anchor
- R Pin
Customise :
- PTFE / Teflon Socket Screw
- Foundation Bolt
- Bracing Rod
- Earth Boss
- Fittings
- Flanges
- Pipe Clamp
- Rebar Bend
- Rebar With Coupler
- Shaft
- SQ U Bolt
- Toggle Pin
- V U Bolt
- U Bolt
- Manual Torque Wrench
- Air Impact Wrench
- Electric Torque Wrench
- Impact Sockets
- Toolbox Sets
Impact Sockets
Toolbox Sets