Subsea Flange

Professteel provides an extensive range of flanges are specified to meet your project needs. We can assist with the design and manufacture of any practical size of flanges to suit your requirements.

  • Swivel Flange: Swivel Ring Flange sets consist of a butt weld swivel hub with a rotatable outer bolt ring which allows for easier alignment of the bolts to the mating flange. Swivel Flanges can save considerable installation time for piped applications. 
  • Anchor Flange: The most common method of securing an Anchor Flange is to embed it into a concrete thrust block, thereby spreading the pipeline forces throughout a large foundation. However, Anchor Flanges can be secured in other ways as necessary to overcome the axial force in the pipeline. 
  • Hanger Flange: Hanger flanges are similar in profile to Anchor flanges but are usually bolted to a structure and are used to support the weight of a riser on offshore pipelines.
  • Misalignment Flange: Misalignment flanges are widely used as a connector for bolting two misaligned pipelines together. The basic design of the Misalignment flange is a ball and socket arrangement, providing the required angular misalignment & maintaining the parallel flange faces. Used widely in the oil & gas industry, it reduces installation time by allowing engineers to make the connection without lifting and aligning the pipe ends.

Flanges are usually designed and manufactured to order. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.